About Us

Siendo Desi is a luxury footwear label created to dress the feet of the modern Indian woman. Started by Sanchi Kedia, in 2008, the brand is readily available across all major stores and boutiques in India and retail platforms online. ‘Siendo’ which translates to ‘Being Desi’ is all about designing elegant footwear which adds a flavourful twist to the modern footwear design. In this hard and fast world of mass production and commercialisation, the collection from ‘Siendo Desi’ brings in pairs of delicately crafted footwear which puts forward the passion of the artist who created it.

Each and every pair of shoe in this collection, stand proud of having their own distinct style and being extremely wearable, at the same time. Catering to a clientele which craves for both sophistication and durability, the brand resonates the idea that a good pair of shoes can make a woman’s everyday experience, whether rushing to the office in the morning or attending the soiree of the year with friends, absolutely sexy.

Which is why, at its heart, Siendo Desi gives the most importance to ‘karigari’ or the Indian art of creating things. Every single pair of Siendo Desi shoes are designed where the ‘karigar’ keeps the client’s need above all. Luxury has never been so beautiful to experience.